No one wants to find themselves in claims situation, but if you need to make a claim we want to help make it as quick and painless as possible.

If your claim happens during our regular business hours, please contact the office and we will quickly get the claim submitted/started for you!

If your claim happens outside our regular business hours, please contact the insurance company directly at one of the numbers listed below.  For automobile claims the claims phone number should be on the back of your Liability Card (pink slip)

Aviva 1-866-692-8482
Chieftain 1-800-661-5522
CAA Insurance 1-855-744-6208
Echelon 1-866-931-0570 or 1-866-252-2854
Economical 1-800-604-2424
Gore 1-800-265-8600
Intact 1-866-464-2424
Jevco 1-866-864-1112
Lambton Mutual 1-877-488-6642
Nova Mutual 1-877-488-6642
Perth 1-800-604-2424
RSA 1-800-319-9993
Travelers 1-800-661-5522
Trillium Mutual 1-800-235-8784
Wawanesa 1-800-268-7300
Western Assurance 1-800-319-9993
Western General 1-800-604-2424


AM Fredericks 1-800-302-9215
April Canada 1-800-658-8668
Burns & Wilcox (formerly Avec) 519-657-1400
Chubb 1-800-252-4670
Cree Church 1-800-235-8784
Ecclesiastical 1-888-693-2253
Hagerty 1-866-922-6569
Ovation 1-855-284-8211
Premier Marine 1-800-235-8784
Pacific Marine 1-866-931-0571
South Western Group 1-866-794-5463
Totten 1-877-896-0015