Founded in 1987 by Jim Marshall and Bill Boland, Ontario West Insurance Brokers Ltd. is now in its second phase of leadership with Jim’s son, Jamie and Bill’s daughter, Traci at the helm. With a long-standing and dedicated team, the brokerage functions more as a family group with deep care and compassion not only for each other, but also for the clients and communities they so proudly serve.

In 2023, Bill Blaney Insurance Brokers moved in with its parent company, Ontario West Insurance Brokers. After proudly serving Dorchester and its surrounding communities for over 40 years, the companies realized they were Better Together.

Opening its Dorchester office in 1980 with two employees and one file, the Bill Blaney team grew into one of the village’s largest employers. They remain a stone’s throw away in London and continue to support their valued clients with all insurance needs.

For each of our team members, relationship and interaction is what counts and while insurance can seem like a very transactional arrangement, we have a unique way of maintaining long-lasting relationships with our clients with a human-centric approach.

Many members are involved in different initiatives within the community both philanthropically as well as with volunteerism on boards in and outside of the industry itself. With a desire to continuously evolve and enhance our service offering, our team is committed to continuous learning and professional development.

We firmly believe that insurance is best provided through relationships that are built on trust and transparency. No matter how fast the world moves around us, we value keeping in touch with our clients, providing knowledge, advice and expertise, as needed. For us, it’s all about our interaction with you and making sure you’re taken care of with comprehensive policies that have been formulated specifically for you.

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Knowledgeable, responsive and caring. Our expert team is here for you and happy to connect. If you’ve connected with a member of our team already, feel free to reach out directly to them. Some members also offer service in additional languages, should this be required. Click on the link below to connect with your Ontario West or Bill Blaney Insurance Provider today.

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