Retailers have many risks to be concerned about from loss or damage to their stock and display equipment to being sued for a slip and fall incident and if you lease your retail space you’ll likely need to prove your liability coverage to your landlord. Your landlord may also require that you insured their building’s glass, signs, etc. Online retailing has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes and brings along with it all kinds of new cyber risks. A Retailers package customized by one of our Commercial Experts can assist in providing the coverage needed at the time of a loss and to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.


Recommended Insurance for Retailers

Property coverage for your stock and display equipment. your computer and point of sale equipment, glass and signs, Equipment Breakdown, Business Interruption - Profits form, Crime including Employee Dishonesty, Burglary and Robbery, Funds Transfer and Credit card forgery, Commercial General Liability including Products and Advertising Liability and Cyber Loss Expense coverage form the basis of any Retail insurance package.


Specialized Coverage for Retailers

Most retail risks should also carry Extended Cyber coverage including Cyber Liability coverage. Depending on the location Sewer Back up, Flood and/or Earthquake coverage should also be considered. Extensions of property and liability coverage for stock in warehouse or storage facilities can also be added as well as coverage for stock being shipped.

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