Protect your home from the damage that water and flooding can cause by knowing where and how water can enter your home. In order to properly paint your home’s flood protection features, it is recommended that you remove debris from your nearest storm drain and eavestroughs, test your sump pump(s) and backup power source, clean out your backwater valve and test flood alarms if you have these installed.


Prevent Water From Entering Your Basement

Water damage of a property usually occurs from water entering your basement. Recommended prevention methods are as follows:

-Correct grading to direct water at least 2 meters away from your foundation

  • Extend downspouts and sump pump discharge pipes to direct water at least 2 meters away from your house
  • Install window well covers
  • Install window wells that are 10-15cm above the ground and are sealed at the foundation
  • Install water resistant basement windows
  • Install a backwater valve (work with a plumber to ensure you have the proper permits)

Protecting your basement belongings

There are a few prevention measures you can take to protect your belongings from significant water damage in your basement that revolve around storage, form and function. It is recommended to store all valuables and hazardous materials (such as paint or chemicals) in water tight containers if not in a different area in your home. Area rugs are a great alternative to full carpet and water resistant furnishings can also be utilized. Ensuring that electronics are raised off the floor is another helpful tip that helps prevent damage as well as the safety and you and your loved ones.


What to do if water damage occurs

If water damage occurs to your property, be sure to remove the water from your basement as quickly as possible by removing obstructions the the basement floor drain and installing a backup sump pump with a battery. If damage substantiates filing a claim, reach out to us or your carrier (depending on the hours) right away as timing is critical to mitigate the risk of further damage and mold.

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